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EVE Fanfest 2023 Program Revealed

2023-09-05 - 作者 EVE Online Team
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Celebrated capsuleers, 

The pinnacle of the 20th anniversary celebration of EVE Online, EVE Fanfest 2023, is fast approaching, and we are thrilled to welcome a record number of capsuleers to Reykjavik to participate in cosmic revelry of epic proportions. There is a lot in store for this year’s attendees, including exciting activities like the legendary Fanfest pub crawl, tours with EVE devs and the Party at the top of the World; fascinating panels and guest talks; screenings of the Making of EVE Online documentary; and of course this year’s EVE keynote, which will take a look at the past, present and future of New Eden. EVE Fanfest 2023 is sold out, but that doesn’t mean that those pilots who won’t make it to Iceland need to miss out! The universe of EVE is expansive, and so is Fanfest, and you are all invited to join us on the Fanfest live stream. 

Join Us on Twitch 

While the number of attendees we can welcome to Reykjavik is limited, all will be welcome to join us live via CCPTV for two days, starting 22 September at 9:45 AM UTC. The live stream will give everyone the chance to catch all major announcements made during Fanfest, as well as interviews with developers, players and guest speakers. There will also be Twitch Drops where you get rewarded in-game by watching the stream (if your account is linked), raffles and plenty of fun shenanigans transporting the spirit of Fanfest live to you from Laugardagshöll Arena. 

The Live Stream PROGRAM 

Tune in to CCPTV

Not to be Missed: The EVE Keynote 

If there’s one event no capsuleer should miss, it’s the EVE Keynote on Friday, 22 September. New Eden is 20 years old, and there is a lot to look back on but even more to look forward to, this year and beyond.  

To ensure that all our pilots from across the galaxy can participate, the Keynote address will have special, localized streams for our French, German, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin-speaking pilots. A universe united, indeed! 

Landing Party - Take Note 

For our ticket-holding capsuleers, there’s more excitement in store than you can stuff inside a Tech 1 Hauler. This year’s Fanfest sees several innovations in programming, one of which is that the revelries will kick off a day early, on Thursday 21 September, at Gróska, the home of CCP Games.

This will give capsuleers flying in from around the world the chance to meet up and hang out, catch a rich program of player and guest speakers, as well as documentary screenings, in a relaxed setting on the main floor of Gróska, in the Auditorium and Sykursalur. Here, capsuleers can also celebrate the launch of the Fanfest beer, enjoy culinary delights from a selection of outstanding local food trucks and participate in fun community activities. The Fanfest beer 2023 is produced in collaboration with our friends and partners at local Lady Brewery.

In addition to all this, side events will take place around the city on the Thursday, including a visit to FlyOver Iceland with Devs, the Fanfest Reykjavik City Walk, and a visit to the expanded EVE Monument, where CCP Games CEO, CCP Hellmar, will join participants and say a few words. 

Now, all of this is just a warmup for the main program, on Friday and Saturday at Laugardalshöll Arena, which includes the official Welcome Ceremony, Dev and player presentations, the EVE Keynote and much more! 

The On-Site PROGRAM 

The schedule is accessible online via sched.com or the Sched mobile app (Android / iOS). That way you can check what is coming up next and who is presenting when on the go with your mates! 

Fanfest 2023 Thursday ProgramFanfest 2023 Friday ProgramFanfest 2023 Saturday Program

Please keep in mind that the program is subject to change. 

Get ready 

We couldn’t be more excited to see you all, in person or online, for this extra special Fanfest. Celebrating 20 years in New Eden is exciting enough in and of itself, but getting to do so with our players at the most exciting Fanfest so far is even better. We can’t wait to see you in Iceland! 

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