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EVE Vegas Player Showcase!

2014-09-11 - 作者 CCP Falcon

Calling all EVE Vegas-bound capsuleers!  Do you have an EVE-related product or service that you’d like to share with other EVE Vegas attendees?  If so, the EVE Vegas 2014 Player Showcase is the place for you!

The EVE Vegas 2014 Player Showcase is all about you.  We provide a table and power, you provide everything else.  Of course you’ll need to abide by Planet Hollywood’s rules and regulations, but other than that, it’s up to you.

If you’d like to demo something to EVE Vegas attendees, let us know by emailing evevegas@ccpgames.com with “Player Showcase” somewhere in the subject.  Table space is totally free, but you’ll need to cover any printing or internet fees incurred by your display.  Capacity is limited and selection for and placement within the Player Showcase is entirely at the discretion of CCP Games.

In your email please include the following details:

  • Your EVE Online character name
  • What you plan to showcase (be as specific as possible)
  • Will you be bringing anything requiring power (laptop/PC/massage chair/etc)?
  • Will you be bringing any signage?  If so, what type and approximately how large? 
  • Will you be handing anything out to attendees? If so, what?
  • Approximately how much space will your demo require?

We will let you know by the end of September if you’ve been selected for the Player Showcase and at that time we’ll provide you a copy of Planet Hollywood’s rules and regulations and our own terms and conditions for the 2014 Player Showcase. 

Thanks, and see you in Las Vegas!