Expeditions underway across New Eden, rumors abound | EVE Online

Expeditions underway across New Eden, rumors abound

2009-03-11 - 作者 Svarthol

Following in the footsteps of others such as CreoDron, numerous organizations across New Eden have begun to prepare themselves for expeditions of their own. From small, private endeavors to larger entities such as the Imperial Navy, people are mobilizing exploratory squads en masse, all in the hope of finding some answers to today's extraordinary events.

Various rumors of hostile encounters on the other side have been filtering down from the capsuleer class already, almost as often as whispers of rare new resources have surfaced. Reactions to these claims have been mixed so far, with nobody yet willing to state any definitive facts in a politically-charged public arena. Some have brushed the talk of hostility aside as a mistaken case of capsuleer piracy. Others have charged the capsuleer class with conspiring against the baseline populations and lying about the threat as they try to monopolize resources that they, above all others, would have the easiest time accessing. None of the empires have confirmed or denied these claims, preferring instead to focus on their own expeditions and defensive deployments. 

With talk of strategic resources and potential threats flying around FTL comms, the Empire navies appear to have decided to maintain their current state of alert. Prepared now after the events of Seyllin, they stand more ready to guard against any number of unforeseen eventualities. In amidst a chaotic mixture of rumor and fact, the growing sentiment seems to be that the capsuleers of New Eden, with their immense resources and access to cloning technology, will be the best hope for some answers in the near future. Until that time, each of the Empires seems content to simply brace themselves for the unknown.