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Fanfest 2015 - Day 1 in review

2015-03-20 - 作者 CCP Phantom

Fanfest, the annual incredible EVE celebration in the land of fire and ice, has opened its doors on March 19 and is in full swing now with exciting news and announcements, in-depth discussions, crazy parties and a lot more!

A summary is ready with the most important news and announcements from the first day of Fanfest 2015!

CCP is experimenting with virtual reality (VR) in various projects and workshops without the pressure to develop a full game. While those projects and tech demos are just experiments so far, they are exciting nonetheless. 

Player activity stats
Discover all the things your characters did in EVE in 2013 and 2014: shots fired, missiles launched, logistic support provided, industry jobs delivered, ore mined, systems visited and much more. Check out the amazing EVE apps summarizing your personal activities in New Eden thanks to fantastic third party developers:

// by Bellatroix
// by Aaeriele
// by Lukas Rox

Even if your account is currently not active, you still can (and should) check your activity history!

EVE: Valkyrie
Development of the EVE: Valkyrie is progressing well with new maps, new game modes, new fighters and has already resulted in an incredible VR experience. Preparations are underway to open external pre-alpha testing. But discover for yourself where we are now and watch this gameplay footage!
Also don't miss the first ever VR streamed tournament on Saturday!

Permanent ship SKINs
The first batch of permanent ship SKINs is scheduled to be released on April 28. You will see over 100 new ship SKINs in this first batch - and that is just the beginning. More ship SKINs are already on the roadmap, check out this example!

EVE Updates
View all the changes and improvements coming to EVE on one single page! The new EVE Updates page shows features that are currently under development and to be released soon. This EVE Updates page is available in English, French, German, and Russian.

CSM 10
The results of the CSM 10 election have been published. Congratulations to all the elected council members including Manfred Sideous and Sugar Kyle which got voted to the first and second place!

Two-factor authentication
Planned for April 28, you will have the option to activate two-factor authentication for your account management. More information will follow closer to the release date.

Alliance logos
Submissions of alliance logos will be re-opened on April 15! All alliance logos will receive a small CONCORD approval sigil in a corner and a scuff mark texture before they are displayed in game. Stay tuned for further information and instructions!

Emergent threats in New Eden
A new AI, improved code and better back-end systems allow us to modify the game world in a more dynamic way than ever before. We can now create a landscape in New Eden that is more challenging and that can evolve much better according to the story that is written by YOU. Check yourself!

Revamp of structures
Structures in EVE will receive a complete revamp with progression, a fitting system, clear and easy to use interface elements and much more. This deep reaching change is going to improve New Eden and will give you a much better sandbox! While some of the structure changes will be deployed during 2015, the full plan will stretch out for much longer. More information will follow as Fanfest progresses, stay tuned!

You can follow the excitement of Fanfest live on EVE TV in HD quality all for free, simply tune in into the EVE TV stream between 10:45 and 18:00 UTC from daily March 19th to 21st and enjoy the show according to the stream schedule.