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Final round of voting for the E-ON Awards

2007-05-11 - 作者 Zapatero

The second and final stage of voting for the first ever E-ON Awards has at last opened and this time you'll find the process is much easier than it was before. That's because from the many hundreds of candidates that were nominated during the first phase, we've picked the top ones (as profiled in the latest issue of E-ON) - so you don't even have to type anything.

Voting will close June 4th, 09.00 GMT, and the winners from each category will have their names put inside a golden envelope and read aloud in front of hundreds of whooping EVE fans and handed a statue to commemorate their services to the EVE community. This will be happening on the evening of July 8th 2007 with a lavish ceremony (i.e. we might put a couple of posters up) to be held at The Bridge SE1, near Tower Bridge in the heart of London (old Empire space, sec rating 0.8). Sadly we can't fly nominees over - there just isn't the budget for it - so for those who definitely won't be able to make it, we'll have to arrange for a corp or alliance buddy to pick up the award on your behalf - assuming you win. Of course we will be happy to send the award through the post, assuming your trusted buddy doesn't hide the award in their underpants and try to sneak it out the door.

Prices for the Awards ceremony are still be finalized, but tickets will be on sale very soon - hopefully next week.

Anyway, get voting!!!