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First Strike Coming 23-27 May

2024-05-21 - 作者 EVE Vanguard Team


The next monthly deployment of warclones is almost here, and legions of Vanguard will soon be let loose for another trial of ground combat. As in previous First Strike events, the playtest is open to all Omega as a part of Founders’ Access. This will be the last chance to play the current map for a while, as a new one is coming in June. So, jump in and conquer it during the May event while the opportunity exists!

The next First Strike event takes place between 12:00 UTC 23 May and 12:00 UTC on 27 May

EVE Vanguard is a uniquely collaborative effort, with our Founders being instrumental in pointing out areas for improvement and testing the latest additions as they are implemented. We will continue to collect feedback from players to improve and build upon a solid foundation.  


To get access to EVE Vanguard, and make your mark on the ongoing development of the game you need to become a Founder, which only requires active Omega status. For those who haven't already, this is the perfect time to upgrade, as both the EVE Store and the New Eden Store are offering a bundle including 14 days of Omega access and the Naglfar Fleet Issue Arkombine Arisen SKIN for a limited time, giving anyone interested in jumping into EVE Vanguard an unmissable opportunity. 


As Vanguard you will have an impact in the ongoing war in New Eden and will be rewarded for your contributions. As in previous First Strike events, there are exciting challenges to face and impressive rewards on the line.  

Warclones will receive the Burst Arkombine Arisen SKIN for acquiring 10 clones (exchanging biomass for additional clones at recloning stations). This challenge can be achieved by individuals or squad members, but as all clones acquired in a squad counts toward the progress of all members, it will be significantly easier to achieve with others. 

You will receive the Scythe Fleet Issue Arkombine Arisen SKIN for individually harvesting 750 units of inert alloy and 250 units of reactive alloy.

Reaching the top 10 of the “Contracts Completed” leaderboard will reward you with a wealth of PLEX. Over five friendly fire kills during the playtest will disqualify the player from these rewards. 

Leaderboard Rank  

PLEX Reward 











Finishing the challenge of acquiring 10 clones will contribute to the reward track that has been ongoing since the December event, with those who finish four out of the six challenges receiving the sleek new EDENCOM gun SKIN, as these new cosmetic updates make their first appearance in the next major update to EVE Vanguard, coming in June. 

See you on the surface, Vanguard!