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Fleet Strikes Deep Into Enemy Territory

2008-06-16 - 作者 Svarthol

Choonka – A fleet, on a mission from God, set out from Choonka with spirits high. Striking deep into enemy space, they secured several key positions while leaving the local forces running in circles.

Darth A3ONZ led the crusade backed up by his Wing Commander Rogue Seven. The small fleet consisted of frigate class vessels and some support vessels.

At one time, the fleet was forced to fall back from Ardar due to a large enemy fleet jumping into the system. Several of our brothers and sisters were lost before we were able to regroup. Once we regrouped, we began our crusade to bring the teachings of our Lord God to the heathens.

We engaged at Floseswin and we were victorious while capturing a military compound. From there we moved on to Vimeini securing a stronghold and another military compound. After several jumps, avoiding a large enemy force, we ended up in Avenod.

Our scouts uncovered yet another stronghold and we promptly began to secure it in the name of God. During the last few minutes of battle a medium sized heathen fleet jumped in and attempted to stop us. Scagga Laebetrovo, pyraX Sg and Thiesland stayed behind and managed to hold off the enemy until the stronghold was secured.

Our journey continued through Todifrauan and Arnstur, and then on to Helgatild and Klogori, securing several more key positions. Having brought the greatness of God and spreading it through the heathen’s space our crusade came to an end.

After returning to Choonka some of the fleet retired to meditate on recent events. Others set out upon another journey deep into enemy space.

We leave you with these thoughts from fellow pilots.

Dracus Algor, ‘The key to winning this war... is to fight the war on our terms and not theirs.’

TheOnlyProphet, ‘We are their angels. We must be their saviors. By your power they shall be rescued from the dark. God wills it, and so it shall be.’