Get 10% Off 30 Day Omega & 3 Skill Extractors | EVE Online

Get 10% Off 30 Day Omega & 3 Skill Extractors

2020-03-27 - 作者 CCP Convict

Take even more control of your skill training and save 10% on 30 days of Omega and 3 Skill Extractors with this limited time bundle from EVE Online's New Eden Store! Available only until 11:00 UTC on 29 March, unlock access to all of EVE's ships and skills with Omega and respec your skills with the use of Skill Extractors.

Upgrading to Omega will also help you boost your training further with double skill training speed and an unlimited skill queue, allowing you to prioritize and never miss a second of training. Add to that 3 Skill Extractors that allow you to extract Skill Points from your character to respec your skills and customize your skill tree, and you've got an unmissable bundle when it comes to achieving your short and long term goals in New Eden!