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Intaki spiritual leader announces marriage

2006-03-27 - 作者 Svarthol

In a shock move, Intaki-reborn philosopher Vremaja Idama announced his marriage to Vika Kuvakei, a Caldari Deteis and daughter of a renowned Caldari patriot.

The news came as Vremaja, something of a spiritual and philosophical leader in Intaki culture, concluded his 5 year-long pilgrimage visiting Intaki colonies around the New Eden cluster. The Intaki, with his new wife at his side, has taken up a post at Caille University, lecturing in the schools of History, Philosophy and Politics.

This marriage between a pro-Federation Intaki and the daughter of a patriotic Caldari has come as a shock to conservatives on both sides; whether it is love or a more complex reason that triggered this surprising pairing has yet to be revealed.

Vremaja Idama is currently in his 8th incarnation - one of the few Intaki who have undergone a tradition known simply as "Rebirth" without the use of technology. Modern-day Rebirth is a complex process, similar to cloning, where the subject's traits and personality are passed on in lieu of their memories. The Idama which means 'Most Holy' are special in that their traits are passed on without any technological intervention and so basically represent a form of re-incarnation.

The first of the Idama, who lived prior to Gallente-Intaki first contact, taught his followers that the human soul is different from human memories. It was his belief that his purpose was to guide humanity, to teach us that the soul learns of itself and, once it has reached understanding, passes on.

Vremaja, the latest incarnation of a warrior-philosopher, is one of the few Idama involved in the Federation's political and scientific communities. He holds a special concern for the pod-pilot community, which is still burdened by the tragedy of mind-lock.

"Hostility, whether political, purely physical or simply conceived, is fundamentally wrong," said Vremaja Idama in an interview earlier today. "My marriage to Vika is fueled by those same motivations that should fuel all life - love and a desire for harmony."

Daughter of a Lai Dai Corporation R&D specialist, Vika Kuvakei is now enrolled in the doctorate program of Cybernetics at Caille University. She's had a bad track record with the Science and Trade Institute, but hopes that Caille University will provide her with the second chance she's needed.