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Ishukone Watch CEO Speaks Out About Caldari Prime

2009-02-02 - 作者 Svarthol

Jita – Ishukone Watch CEO Mens Reppola, a top contender to replace Otro Gariushi as Ishukone CEO, appeared as a guest on the Nugoeihuvi political talk program Games of State yesterday, where he criticized the occupation of Caldari Prime and the general progress of the war effort. "This latest report shows just what a mistake this occupation really is – a logistical nightmare that is draining the resources of the State from where they are really needed, here at home," charged Reppola, speaking to host Shiomiken Savalenta.

"The Navy was never built for a sustained offensive," pointed out Reppola, himself a former captain in the Navy prior to his tenure at Ishukone Watch. "It was built to safeguard the citizens and property of the Caldari State. If they are forced to keep this up, the occupation is only going to weaken our forces further, giving the Federation an even wider opening for a counterattack."

Savalenta also asked Reppola his thoughts on the progress of the war along the Black Rise and Verge Vendor fronts, where fighting between the Caldari and Federation militias has been extremely heavy. "I was disappointed to see so much focus on Verge Vendor," he lamented, "especially when Federation forces had occupied so many systems in Black Rise. However, the blame does not fall upon the militia's shoulders; this is a mistake in strategy, something that seems to be in short supply from the CEP these days, and the Protectorate forces have led an admirable counterattack."

The war wasn't the only topic at hand, however. "It's been said that when you heard the true financial state of Ishukone you were quite taken aback," pressed Savalenta late in the interview. "You were very close to Gariushi during his time at the helm of Ishukone; what do you think of him now? Have you lost the respect you once had for his leadership?"

"That's a difficult question, Ms. Savalenta," replied Reppola after a pause. "Otro Gariushi was a good friend, and I think he did what he thought best for his employees and the State. I'd rather not spend time second-guessing him; we need to focus on fixing those problems that have come out over the last year. We as CEOs need to stop trying to protect people from bad news and pointing fingers and get back to the business of solving problems. Otro Gariushi was a man who tried to solve problems and did not blame others for his failings, whatever else you might say about him. That is something we can all respect, regardless of his other flaws."