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Mens Reppola Made Ishukone CEO, Charts Future Course

2009-04-24 - 作者 Svarthol

Malkalen – In a unanimous decision, the Ishukone board has voted to install Ishukone Watch CEO Mens Reppola as the company's new CEO. Natasha Ogemi, whose illness many thought might postpone the decision, evidently cast her vote from her hospital bed.

Following the announcement, Reppola addressed the corporation on every Ishukone broadcast network, where he promised to “honor the legacy of Otro Gariushi.” “Since the earliest days of the Caldari State, in the throes of our war of independence, Ishukone has been a pioneer in science and technology. We were the corporation that brought Jovian pod technology to pilots on the front lines, and we were the ones who brought forth the quantum leap in technology from Crielere.”

Embracing the policies of his friend and predecessor, Reppola said that "Ishukone's future lies in innovation and finding new markets, not in protectionism and clinging to old business models. The State, too, must embrace these values if we are to succeed; healthy competition, both foreign and domestic, is the best medicine for an ailing economy. Ishukone and the other corporations of the State must rise to the challenges brought by our competitors throughout the cluster and make sure our products are in high demand because of their superior quality."

Reppola ended his remarks with a call for the Ishukone board to encourage employee investment in the corporation, suggesting that they make two-thirds of the Ishukone shares in their hands (roughly 20% of the company's total shares) available for purchase by Ishukone employees. "Stock ownership should not be the province of the privileged, but an opportunity for all corporate citizens," he declared.