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Notable Captain Awarded Drupar's Sun

2006-04-10 - 作者 Svarthol

Captain 1st Class Karishal Muritor of the Republic Fleet was today awarded Drupar’s Sun, one of the most prestigious medals given by the Republic, at a Fleet award ceremony held on Matar. In addition, Captain Muritor was awarded a promotion, from Captain to Captain 1st Class, for his consistent and meritorious service to the Republic.

“I accept the honour bestowed upon me by Admiral Fogneko with gratitude," stated Captain Muritor. "I consider this to be a symbol of the growing fortitude of the men under my command. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to make the progress I’ve made in the fight against the interstellar crime syndicates that plague the fringe systems of our Republic.”

Captain Muritor, despite being at 43 the youngest Captain 1st Class in Republic Fleet history, is widely regarded as one of the more capable commanders within the organizations’s ranks. His long list of achievements includes a number of high-profile victories against pirate raiders on the Republic’s outer rim, among them victories that have led to the folding of three separate pan-regional smuggling cartels.