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Poor Sales Reports for Hyasyoda, Executive Vanishes

2009-11-03 - 作者 Svarthol

Khanid Prime - Attakaila Tatimon, Chief Sales Executive for the Hyasyoda Corporation in the Khanid Region, has disappeared following the publication of poor quarterly figures.

Against a backdrop of good growth figures for the Caldari megacorporation, the Khanid Division has displayed a markedly underwhelming performance.  While every other regional division's profits have grown by an average of five percent, including a remarkable sixteen percent growth in The Citadel division, Hyasyoda's share of the Khanid market has contracted by almost eighteen percent against the same period last year.

The Khanid market itself has flourished in the last six months.  Market analysts point to the thawing relationship between the Kingdom and the Amarr Empire, as well as some sizable contracts that have recently been awarded to other Caldari corporations.

Tatimon was last seen the day before the figures were due to be published. A note was found on his desk implying that he felt responsible for the company's poor performance.  Tatimon has been employed by Hyasyoda for over twenty years, rising from a junior executive in their Marketing Department to his present position.

Hyasyoda Headquarters in Suroken refused to comment on his disappearance.