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Project Discovery - Level Up Livestream!

2020-10-08 - 作者 CCP Convict

The data coming in to EVE Online's Project Discovery is now more complex than before, requiring even more accurate submissions by players. With Capsuleers continuing to provide valuable and usable data for the scientific community in helping to understand how COVID-19 affects immune systems, it's the perfect time to talk to some of the people involved in bringing this amazing citizen science initiative to EVE!

CCPTV is proud to welcome the following guests to the Project Discovery - Level Up Livestream at 19:00 UTC on 8 October:

  • Professor Ryan Brinkman - Distinguished Scientist, BC Cancer Agency and Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia
  • Associate Professor Jerome Waldispuhl - School of Computer Science, McGill University
  • Attila Szantner - CEO of Massively Multiplayer Online Science
  • Nobutadas - EVE Online streamer and Project Discovery enthusiast
  • CCP Shreddy - Lead Producer
  • CCP Edelweiss - Senior Software Engineer
  • CCP HotPepper - Senior UI Artist
  • CCP Convict - Community Developer

See you on the stream!