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Protest held above Matar – Ushra’Khan challenges Republic over Insorum controversy

2005-12-05 - 作者 Svarthol

Sunday evening bore witness to a vast gathering of spacecrafts descending into the usually tranquil orbit of the planet Matar in the Pator solar system. The intention of this fleet however, was not one of violence and destruction, but that of peaceful protest towards the Minmatar Republic.

The demonstration – organised by the Ushra’Khan, was intended to bring public awareness to the apparent inaction of the Republic in providing the Insorum drug for its people. Insorum Bisulfate – created by the late Dr. Ullia Hnolku and his wife, is the only known permanent cure for the Vitoc drug, which is widely used to control slaves within the Amarr Empire. The U’K holds the only known remaining prototype of the drug, and is anxious to see it distributed to the millions of Vitoc dependant former slaves within the Minmatar Republic; who rely on smuggled and stolen shipments of the Vitoc antidote from within the Amarr Empire.

In a ten minute speech broadcast across local communications frequencies, Eddie Gordo of the Ushra’Khan addressed the gathered capsuleer pilots.

Thanking them for their support in providing a “demanding presence” that “cannot be ignored by the Minmatar Republic”. Gordo went on to attack the Republic for its apparent lack of compassion for the thousands of Vitoc addicted freed slaves entering the Republic every day. Stating that the Republic “enjoy the freedom [it has] long since taken for granted” accusing them of turning their backs while their own people suffer needlessly.

Describing it as a means to “rid the Amarr of their vice-like grip of fear over their slave population using Vitoc”, Eddie Gordo explained that the Ushra’Khan had previously approached the Minmatar Government with the cure and been met with a “wall of silence” stating that the government was ignoring the “suffering of our people who are less than fortunate”.

Gordo called for the Matari Government to answer for what he described as an “unforgivable treachery against their own kin”, stating that the Government had forgotten the “legacy of the rebellion” describing it as an “act that founded the Republic in the blood and fire of our forefathers”. Issuing a plea for the citizens of the Republic to challenge their elected leaders and spur them into action, he went on to accuse the Matari Government of “pandering to the Amarr Empire and the pressure of taking sides” imploring the government to “prove these sentiments wrong, and step forward to offer their aid in the development of Insorum”.

Though the protest was largely peaceful, there were continuous attempts to disrupt the proceedings across the local communications channels, and several violent altercations took place, resulting in the deployment of Concord security forces. Speaking in an interview after the demonstration, Eddie Gordo said: “The speech was delivered as planned. It was our intention to have some serious debate, but the ignorant comments by certain individuals made this near impossible”. When asked if the Ushra’Khan viewed the protest as a success Khaldorn Murino added: “The only judge of that will be the republic’s response”.

When commenting on the effectiveness of the protest, Gordo stated: “I know there are many within the republic who sympathise with our cause. It is my hope that this very public announcement will prompt them into Action. Something like this is hard to ignore”.

Graelyn, a member of the Amarrian loyalist Aegis Militia observed the demonstration and gave his opinions: “What we saw at this protest was a terrorist group attempting to push a very separatist platform upon parties interested in ending slavery. From what I gathered, the majority of Matari were not very receptive of such intentions”.

He went on to add that he, like most Amarrians and Matari believe that peace is still possible, stating that “an Insorum initiative would only serve to destabilize the great work of both Midular and Doriam”, weakening the fragile peace between the two empires as a result. Remarking that: “Insorum is not seen as a cure by those who witnessed Mabnen I. It is seen as a dangerous weapon.” He explained that Republic development of the compound would be seen as a “dangerous step” by the Empire.

Graelyn later added: “Peace still has a chance. The rumblings of murderous terrorists need not dictate a bloody future for the Minmatar Republic”.