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State Protectorate Nears Total Control of Contested Systems

2009-05-24 - 作者 Svarthol

Placid - The State Protectorate [STPRO] has come a step closer to its goal of conquering all star systems subject to the CONCORD ratified Emergency Militia War Powers Act, the Interstellar Correspondents have learned.

Both Protectorate and Federal Defence Union sources have confirmed that at the time of writing only four systems remain under Federation control in the Placid region, with many anticipating the Protectorate to attain total control inside the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

In the year since CONCORD ratified the Emergency Militia War Powers Act, the Protectorate has overcome a difficult formative period to emerge as a cohesive and powerful militia. The recent assault, which traces its roots back to operations started in early December last year, stands a testament to the cooperation and work of many enlisted corporations and individual pilots.

Speaking on behalf of Protectorate member corporation, the 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit, CEO Atraxerxes and member Logan Xerxes shared their thoughts on both changes in the Protectorate and the campaign itself.

Both Atraxerxes and Logan Xerxes are quick to point out that the Protectorate assault has been a team effort. "I'd like to make my thanks to all of the dedicated pilots who have made our successes possible," said Mr Xerxes. "Without them we'd still be fighting in the Tama meat grinder to no result." he said, referring to an infamous bottleneck in the Tama system where the Defence Union claimed many Protectorate kills last year.

Atraxerxes readily identifies changes in the Union as a contributing factor to the Protectorate's success, citing the departure of former Defence Union corporations The Dead Parrot Shoppe and Dark Rising as substantial blows to the resistance that Protectorate forces met in space.

"While there were always new corps to took their place, it's was hard we are sure for the Gals to replace those two-hundred and one-hundred and seventy man juggernauts."

When interviewed on the situation facing the Federal Defence Union, Bloodbird of Strix Armaments and Defence shared his thoughts: " this rate all I and the other few active Unioners can do is try to make the take-over as costly as we can."

Of all the enrolled Federation pilots, it is believed that "not more than two dozen" are active in the effort to oppose Caldari sovereignty.  In a candid statement, Mr Bloodbird voiced a concern that the Protectorate assault has proven so successful due to reluctance on Federation aligned capsuleers to contest complexes.

"It appears to me at least the majority of the FDU care for... well, simple killing. Trying to take or defend tactical sites is completely out of question to the majority," said Bloodbird. "The concern for our sovereignty doesn't seem to rank very high..."

What next for both the Protectorate and the Union if all of the remaining systems are to be captured? Will the Federal Defence Union counterattack?

"I would try [to recapture systems]. I'm realistic enough to understand how unlikely it is...but that doesn't mean I'm going to shrink away from my duties. I would most definitely try my best." Said Mr. Bloodbird.

A considerably different question was directed to the Protectorate members - Would they be active in the defence of all the newly captured systems?

"I cannot speak for the protectorate in general as there is no unified command structure," started Mr Xerxes, "however I fully intend to defend all areas occupied and Caldari systems." He added "I hope the State recognizes the efforts undertaken by the STPRO."

Aware of the tenuous nature of CONCORD's Emergency Militia Powers Act, and the uncertain status it confers to systems conquered by the militias, Atraxerxes went on to voice tentative hopes for the future:

"I don't want to glory hound, but personally I would love to see the DED recognize the areas under our occupancy as part of the sovereign Caldari State"

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