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The Black Rabbit Academy Open For Admissions

2009-04-16 - 作者 Svarthol

Ishomilken, Citadel-The Black Rabbits Academy (GVRIS), member of The Gurlstas Associates alliance, announces that it is again accepting admissions to its training division. GVRIS offers its students training in the darker pursuits of New Eden, considering itself to be the antithetical equivalent of Eve University (E-UNI). Whereas Eve University provides training in a wide range of lawful activities, The Black Rabbits Academy will focus on but a single activity; piracy.

H Lecter, CEO of GVRIS, states that while there are many so called academies in existence, his differs in that, "unlike many other 'Academies' in New Eden, this one is not a recruitment and selection center for our Alliance" though, he adds "of course there is the option, to switch to one of the other [The Gurlstas Associates] corporations after graduation, but it is not our explicit goal."

Training will consist of "everything that is required to be successful hunting down and killing a target in low security and null security space." More specifically, classes on scanning, ship fitting, ship to ship combat and lectures by several "notorious" pirates will be offered. The training will reach its culmination when a student can successfully exhibit "discipline, good skills at scouting, and a healthy amount of kills, including solo kills against bigger ships."

According to Lecter, participation has been high, "pirate apprentices from all over New Eden flooded into the Academy base, eager to get their first kill and their first ransom." The number of applicants in training at any one time will not exceed sixty, according to Lector, with training periods divided into four quarters per year. When asked why he chose to create this training program, his response was, "we wanted to do something very similar to Eve University, which is doing a lot for new pilots, but limits its efforts to law abiding citizens."

Given the inevitable comparisons between The Black Rabbits Academy and Eve University, a representative from E-UNI was contacted to provide a reaction to the formation of this "pirate academy". Dierdra Vaal, Director of Training for Eve University had this to say: "there are only a few teaching corps in Eve, and as H Lecter points out, a lot of them only act as a training corporation for the mother corporation they belong to."

When asked about her feelings regarding the nature of the training that GVRIS would be engaging in, Diedre responded, "We cannot offer piracy courses, but piracy is a real part of life in New Eden, and it's great that pilots have the opportunity to learn that."

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