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Tibus Heth Awards Caldari Militia with National Distinction

2009-06-15 - 作者 Svarthol

New Caldari - Following the fall of the last Federation stronghold in contestable losec space two weeks ago, Caldari State Executor Tibus Heth issued a nationwide address commending the State Protectorate Militia for their "momentous achievement" and promised to award each pilot with the Distinguished Blade, a national medal of recognition from the Caldari State. Heth noted that their achievement marked "an inflection point in history" that "established the legacy of the capsuleer for time immemorial," further adding that their challenge is to continue holding on to those conquered territories.

Meanwhile, the Federation government has given no official reply. Sources report that President Foiritan has held multiple high-level sessions with cabinet members and national security officials attempting to formulate a response to these events and lobby for additional support from capsuleers.  According to unnamed insiders the beleaguered president is facing "arguably the most difficult period of his time in office."

A spokesperson from the Caldari Provide Directorate stated that pilots can expect to receive their State-issued Distinguished Blade medal on June 23rd.

The full transcript of Tibus Heth's address is below:


Patriots of the Caldari State,

As a civilization, we have reached an inflection point in our history. Just as our forefathers struggled to liberate themselves from Gallentean tyranny, our immortal warriors today continue the fight for Caldari providence among these stars.

With their help, we have expanded the frontiers of our great nation, driving away a cruel and cowardly enemy attempting to force its will upon a peace-loving people. Mark my words, frontier settlements will benefit from the liberation of their worlds from Federation hands. Indeed, we will unlock the true potential of these regions by lifting those who earn the right to lead and prosper.

Honored patriots, we have achieved true greatness in such a short time. Our challenge now is to maintain this momentum. Our brave capsuleers will face a bitter enemy eager to enact reprisals against our liberated worlds. We must stay vigilant, for we know not when or where they will strike. Yet it serves us well to honor their momentous achievement-the complete dominance of Federation naval forces in the warzone systems of Essence, Verge Vendor, Placid, The Citadel, and Black Rise-for it has established the legacy of the capsuleer for time immemorial.

It is thus that I present our immortal warriors of the State Protectorate Militia with The Distinguished Blade, awarded for unity in bravery and valor towards the fulfillment of national military objectives. This distinction serves notice to all that there is no greater power in New Eden than combined empyrean might, and we are honored to have you with us.

Thank you, brave capsuleers, and long live the Caldari State!