Walkai Terraforming Industries seeks help in kidnap ordeal | EVE Online

Walkai Terraforming Industries seeks help in kidnap ordeal

2005-09-06 - 作者 Svarthol

In a statement today, a spokesman for Walkai Terraforming Industries issued a request to the capsuleer community for information leading to the safe return of one of its lead scientists - reported missing last month.

Speaking on behalf of WTI CEO Kentanen Koimota, the spokesman stated that he was less than impressed with Concord’s investigations thus far.

Concord officials still maintain that the WTI scientist is simply “missing” despite numerous appeals from Mr. Koimota to treat the scientist’s disappearance as suspicious.

The spokesman went on to report that Koimota had made use of several unofficial contacts to acquire the following list of individuals thought to be involved in the scientist’s disappearance.

Everard Yrton
Moy Ygmot
Jorler Teauxt
Ayst Otradik
Defone Ashtornt

Kentanen Koimota is said to have requested that pilots keep a lookout for these individuals and report any sightings to him; expressing his desire that pilots encountering these individuals should avoid engaging them in combat as they risk destroying vital information as to the whereabouts of the missing scientists

When asked what Walkai Terraforming Industries planned to do with this information, the spokesman added “we need to know the location, activities, and the kind of craft these people are piloting so that we can plan our response”.