'Wormhole Cults' begin to sprout throughout New Eden | EVE Online

'Wormhole Cults' begin to sprout throughout New Eden

2009-04-01 - 作者 Svarthol

In response to the sudden appearance of numerous wormholes in the past few weeks, a large number of what is being termed "Wormhole Cults" are cropping up throughout New Eden. These cults have taken a variety of forms and beliefs and appear to be gaining in popularity as more information comes back from across the wormholes.

One cult, the Amarrian Brotherhood of the Passage, already counts nearly a thousand members among its congregation. Led by a fiery preacher called Brother Alsing, the Brotherhood professes a belief that the wormholes lead to God's paradise. Alsing has been urging all who listen to embark on expeditions through the wormholes in an effort to locate the "Gates to Heaven" so that "all men may witness the glory of our Lord God and be judged in His presence." The cult is taking donations from its members to charter a ship into a wormhole.

A cult that is similar in many ways -- though with key differences -- are the Gatekeepers. The Gatekeepers have appeared in Gallente space, and while they number just over a hundred members they are one of the more vocal Gallente cults of this type. "The wormholes are nature's gift to us all!" proclaimed their leader, Setaine Purelle, at a party thrown by the cult earlier this week to attract new members. "They are beautiful and good! Those Sleepers on the other side, we don't understand them because we're not enlightened enough! We must learn from them, so that one day we will be able to join them in their utopia."

Hundreds of similar cults have sprung up in New Eden, professing a wide variety of beliefs. Most of them appear to be unconnected to each other, with only a few counting more than a hundred members. As of yet, no major religious authority has commented on the wormholes or the validity of the cults.