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Writing Contest Offers Rare Battleship Prizes

2010-03-09 - 作者 Svarthol

Lustrevik, Heimatar - Silver Night of Re-Awakened Technologies Inc, Electus Matari is sponsoring a writing contest, wherein he wants to hear pilot-authored stories of the people of New Eden.

Whereas much of the news and fiction popular amongst pilots surrounds the comings and goings of the capsuleer community, this contest will judge the best story concerning the doings of any citizen other than a capsuleer.

Silver Night reminded potential entrants that there is more to New Eden than spacecraft, stating that there are also “mining colonies, planets, moons and stations” adding “the possibilities are nearly limitless."

The prizes range from rare pirate faction battleships with 300 million isk provided for fittings, to Fleet-issue battleships and cruisers.

Entries for Silver Night's contest can be up to 3,000 words long and must be submitted by 21:55 on the 21.03.112.

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Silver's First Annual Fiction Contest

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