Happy Anniversary! New Eden Is 12 Years Old! | EVE Online

Happy Anniversary! New Eden Is 12 Years Old!

2015-05-06 - 작성자 CCP Falcon

EVE Online celebrates its 12th birthday today, and here at CCP we'd like to wish a Happy 12th anniversary to our entire community!

Today marks a point in time 12 years ago when a flood of new identities were created in New Eden, and a handful of intrepid pilots took to the stars to explore a cold, harsh and unforgiving new world. Over a decade later that world has been transformed by players across the globe, becoming one of the largest and most vibrant works of science fiction in existence.

The actions, reactions, hopes, aspirations, dreams, success and failure of capsuleers both individually and as collective groups over the last twelve years has shaped an immense, sprawling backstory that has become one of the grandest space operas to ever occur, and the best  part of the story is that it still evolves as we march into the second decade of New Eden's legacy.

As we announced on Monday, we'd like to gift you all a pair of implants that many have been looking to acquire for some time after the release of the Genolution CA-1 and CA-2. Along with this, every account will receive a pair of male and female Mordu's Legion branded jackets as part of the anniversary celebrations. 

The following items have been gifted to you today, and will appear in your redeeming system on the character selection screen:

  • Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3
  • Genolution Core Augmentation CA-4
  • Women’s ‘Gunner’ Jacket (Mordu’s Legion)
  • Men’s ‘Marshal’ Jacket (Mordu’s Legion)

We would also like to invite you all along to watch the o7 show which airs again tomorrow evening, Thursday May 7th at 20:00 UTC, where CCP Guard will be talking to CCP Hellmar and CCP Seagull about EVE's 12th anniversary. 

From all of us here at CCP, to what is without a doubt the finest online gaming community in existence*, we raise a beer on the 12th anniversary of EVE Online, and thank you immensely for your dedication and loyalty to the EVE Universe, and for your continued support for EVE.

Fly safe!

*I may be slightly biased with this statement