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15% Off Skill Extractors 10x Pack

2020-06-12 - 작성자 CCP Dopamine

Get 15% off a 10x pack of Skill Extractors from EVE Online's New Eden Store between 11:00 UTC on 12 June and 11:00 UTC on 14 June!

You can use Skill Extractors to take Skill Points from your character and sell them on the player market as Skill Injectors to other Capsuleers for ISK.

You can also extract Skill Points and use them to develop your own character in other desired areas. Even though this process reduces the number of Skill Points in your skill tree overall, it is great for re-allocating them to areas you would much rather focus on and take control of your gameplay!

You can read more about the use of Skill Extractors in our Help Center article.