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Account services

2004-05-27 - 작성자 CCP Hellmar

We have just updated our secure server with improvements to the account management section.
This update includes general graphics and usability improvements along with a new section: Account Services.

Currently there are two services, transfer character and swap portraits. We are going to add for the possibility of changing name also (once we have added the option showing all old names in the client so that this isn't used for identity hopping).

All these services have a fee that you need to pay, with a credit card, to complete. As there is a credit card transaction behind each action, abuses can be classified as a credit card fraud.

The main motivation for adding these new options is requests from players.

We will modify the EULA with next patch, and strictly forbid all forms of account trading (see section 3). It is still possible to donate a character to your friend but under no circumstances will it be possible to give another your account. The amount of hacking, griefing, betrayal, etc. that surrounds the transferal of accounts is just way to much to justify allowing it. All cases were account transfer applied can be handled with character transfer.

All comments welcome. Each service has a little FAQ with it with more details.