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Alliance Tournament VIII from IC

2010-06-05 - 작성자 Svarthol

As the participants prepare for Alliance Tournament VIII, the Interstellar Correspondents announce the launch of their coverage website, offering everything from catch up videos to full statistics in one place:

The website provides match schedules and results, news reports, match images, ship by ship statistics and high definition videos of every match (when they become available). There will also be interactive charts, alliance biographies and statistics.

Prizes in this year's tournament includes 50 'Adrestia' Heavy Assault Cruisers (first place), 'Utu' Assault Frigates (second place), and cash prizes. With these rare prizes up for grabs the competition is expected to be fierce.

Last year, teams threw everything they had into a bid to win the Mimir and Freki Minmatar-based modified assault ships. Among the ships fielded, we saw extensive use of Marauders, Black Ops, Strategic Cruisers, and Faction ships.

Pandemic Legion managed to come out on top in last year's tournament. Will they once again manage to capture the top spot? Come join us at our website and find out.

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