Bloodlines Updates, Improvements and Fixes | EVE Online

Bloodlines Updates, Improvements and Fixes

2013-03-21 - 작성자 CCP CAPSLOCK

Bloodlines Updates and Fixes

The following issues were hotfixed after Bloodlines deployment.

  • BP's are now returned to the correct hanger after a corp build has completed.
  • Agent bookmarks can be warped to.
  • Transfering characters to an account created via the Power of 2 promotion works as intended.
  • Windows no longer automatically reopen on session change.
  • In space icons, including those visible only when pressing the ALT key, appear in space.
  • New Khanid Male bloodline characters recieve the correct starting skills.


  • Right clicking objects in the scanner window no longer throws an exception.
  • Creating a second bloodline character on the same account no longer breaks the client window.
  • Dragging multiple stacks into a station container set to unlocked by default will leave the stacks unlocked.
  • Switching ammo types for projectile weapons now works correctly.
  • Sentry guns, asteroid belts and station in space icons are displayed correctly.
  • Reloading your drone bay at a properly equipped POS has been fixed.
  • Selecting loot cans from killed player ships works as intended.