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Caldari Defence Initiative Signed by Militia Corporations

2010-05-25 - 작성자 Svarthol

Tama, The Citadel - Eleven State Protectorate corporations have signed the "Caldari Defence Initiative" [CDI], a mutual assistance pact which aims to create a unified, organized core to the Caldari militia and extend support from its signatory members to other State Protectorate corporations.

Signatories to the treaty at present are Inglorious-Basterds, Payable on Death, Pillow Fighters Inc, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Obvious Indecision, Spacetime Enterprises, Costolle Military Asistance Corporation, Multistar Protectorate Militia, The Lost Legion, The Rapalas and Dark-Force.

Ramingo, CEO of Payable on Death, claims the idea for the treaty arose when several militia corporations came together to assist fellow State Protectorate corporation Inglorious-Basterds. The CDI uses the standard principles of a mutual assistance pact - non-aggression between signatories and collective defence of all members, but it also covers a corporation for only as long as they remain affiliated (officially or unofficially) with the State Protectorate and decrees absolutely that the signatory corporations remain independent - they are not bound to follow a single leader.

Earlier this year, a heavy push from the Federal Defence Union saw the Gallente Federation reclaim sovereignty of most of its systems in the war zone. At roughly the same time, a number of prominent State Protectorate corporations resigned from the militia or dropped into inactivity. Ramingo commented: "Until about a month ago the [Caldari] militia was a laughing stock, getting slaughtered daily because we had zero co-ordination."

Another factor cited by some Caldari militia pilots in their decline was the departure of popular fleet commander GavinGoodrich for 0.0 space, taking with him many experienced State Protectorate pilots. Hidden Snake, CEO of Inglorious-Basterds, said that GavinGoodrich's departure set the militia back to a primitive, discordant condition.

GavinGoodrich himself felt the CDI is "a workable concept, as long as all those corporations are on the same page... If I ever came back, I would join the CDI in some shape or form."

Ramingo was also interested in attracting new pilots to organized elements in the militia. "Mostly I would just like to let them know that the militia offers hassle-free action within a few jumps, ISK earning activities paying 100 million an hour, and you don't have the usual nonsense you have with 0.0 alliances."

With 11 corporations signed up to the Caldari Defence Initiative, the Caldari State Protectorate now has its own parallel to the Federal Defence Union's Villore Accords, whose corporations formed part of this year's push to reclaim Gallente territory occupied by the Caldari State.

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Caldari Defence Initiative with founding signatures

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