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Calls rise for Ardishapur to be given more authority

2010-05-13 - 작성자 Svarthol

As Yonis Ardishapur's speaking tour winds down, an upswell of support for the Royal Heir has led to calls he be given expanded influence over the Empire's affairs.

Perhaps inspired by the open courts Lord Ardishapur has held in his own domains, many have suggested that Ardishapur be given judiciary powers across the Empire. Many supporters have also pointed to the “near-miraculous” recovery of the Ammatar Mandate as reason for an expansion of Ardishapur's powers.

Currently, the calls remain disjointed and disunited. Though they appear to be gaining momentum, they remain a small, but vocal minority among Ardishapur's supporters. “Lord Ardishapur has said some wise things and his voice is to be given respect,” stated one Holder, “but we must temper our expectations. It is unlikely the balance of Imperial power would shift so dramatically in his favor.”

Ardishapur himself has gently rebuked those making the requests. “While the calls to expand my authority are made with the best intentions, it is neither my place nor that of the coalition to request it. It is only the Empress who may make such an appointment. While I would gladly serve should I be called on, as I have in the Mandate, it would be unseemly of me to seek more power.”