Can't live with them, can't live without them: Instajump bookmarks | EVE Online

Can't live with them, can't live without them: Instajump bookmarks

2004-07-01 - 작성자 CCP Oveur

This always brings a heated discussion. Instajumps, a "well programmed navigation computer". I love them and I hate them. They enable me to travel faster and safer if I or any one in my corp takes the time to map out the route with insta bookmarks. They also enable my enemy to travel faster and safer, they essentially ruin the ability to close down gates in many cases, although it is possible to stop an instajumper by doing a serial blockade, a veteran player can easily circumvent that.

Now, I'm also all for having travel times, they put in the essential sense of distance in the world of EVE. Distances increase regional prices and enable locational differenses, they make far away lands seem mysterious and sexy. This is of course ruined since it's very easy to travel the lengths of the universe (comparitively) than in other games.

But I'm also against the lack of danger and the awful boring times when you are just chugging along and nothing threatens you. So I have been thinking about this in a general perspective, both from the gate camper I am in the evening to the carebear I am during daytime. This is my initial thought:

Decrease the distance that the jump-in-point (JIP) is from the gate jump radius on all gates, meaning you are almost within jumping range when you exit warp. This means you would have all gates virtually "instajumps" without needing the instajump bookmark. As a countermeasure, we have Mobile Warp Disruptors all the way up to the Large version coming in, that enable you to pull out the pilots from warp.

This enables the ones that want to camp routes to do it relatively efficiently, while other parts of the route are shortened in gametime while still keeping up the threat of the next gate having a Mobile Warp Disruptor deployed. It has various advantages and disadvantages, but I'm not going to name them, I'd like your take on it. And no "Mobiles cost so much, they take too long to anchor" etc., this can be tuned to adapt to the situation.

Oh, and not wanting to derail the conversation, we are making progress with the cluster, more on that later when we have the final solutions being implemented.