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Capsuleer Conference to Address Sansha Harvests

2010-05-17 - 작성자 Svarthol

Yulai, Genesis - At 04:30 on 18.05.112, a conference will begin in "The Summit" virtual reality channel. The conference, formally titled "The Strategic Accord on Re-Emerging Powers" aims to formulate a united strategic posture for capsuleers of all Empires that can be deployed against both the current Sansha raids and possible future Sleeper threats.

The conference will be hosted by Abbess Ashar KorAzor of the Order of the Blessed Sisters of Amarr, in partnership with Julianus Soter (founder of the Synenose Accord [SYNE] and current CEO of Moira. corporation) and Justin Vallar, the current CEO of SYNE.

The conference currently has 4 chairpersons chosen to represent each of the four main cultural blocs of New Eden: Graelyn, former Admiral of Aegis Militia for the Amarr; Dex Nederland of Lai Dai Infinity Systems for the Caldari; Kaleigh Doyle of Murder Dolls for the Gallente and Evanda Char of Re-Awakened Technologies Inc for the Minmatar.

Abbess KorAzor has invited any and all capsuleers involved in fighting the recent Sansha raids to attend, along with military and scientific personnel from the Empires of New Eden, members of the press and other enemies of Sansha's Nation. Sansha representatives are not expected to be permitted to speak at the conference.

The Strategic Accord on Re-Emerging Powers conference, which starts at 04:30 on 18.05.112, will run in The Summit channel for the coming week, with topic announcements and summaries being published on the Intergalactic Summit periodically.

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