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Capsuleers Hold First Seyllin Conference

2009-08-03 - 작성자 Svarthol

Seyllin, Essence - Few will forget the day of devastation in which countless lives were lost on Seyllin I. Yet while many still grieve the victims, there are those who work tirelessly to ensure that the loss of life need not be in vain. The Synenose Accord [SYNE], a group of capsuleers from all races and backgrounds, is working to uncover the mysteries surrounding the wormholes and their deadly inhabitants while assessing their threat to humanity. Through the course of the conference, however, it became quickly apparent that while some interesting information was brought to light, little is known what to make of it.

According to Evanda Char, CEO and founder of Re-Awakened Technologies INC [RE-AW] and speaker at the conference, "Two theories have become popular amongst explorers regarding the sleeper drones encountered beyond the event horizons of the wormholes..." she continues, "The first is that the drones are the artificially-intelligent remnants of the civilization, now running on redundant programming or attempting to chart their own course without their human masters. The second theory, now growing in popularity is that the Sleepers chose to translate their consciousness into their drones, and that the hostility that we face in W-space is theirs."

In either case, it is pointed out, the threat is substantial inside W-Space. Through an impressive presentation, Char explains her theory that not only is it possible for the Sleepers to 'infect' capsuleers and potentially control their actions, there may have been cases of 'clone-jacking' already. "It is my hypothesis," she states, "that the intelligence behind sleeper drones is the same as the contaminating vector in rogue drone evolution and that there is a viable risk that it can, or has, already crossed into the infomorph population."

Morwen Legann, SYNE's head Field Technician, spoke at some length about what we do know about the Sleeper ships and technology, as well as adding a few bits that appeared not to be common knowledge most notable of which is the apparent susceptibility of Sleeper vessels to ECM. According to Ms. Legann, "A single Scorpion-class battleship can effectively shut down an entire wing of Sleepers, and this makes ECM a staple part of any fleet working in wormhole space." It appears that how the sleepers communicate, build ships, and move between their regions remain among the questions that have not been answered. Ms. Legann does mention having located items believed to be jump drive control units. This point is emphasized by another disturbing discovery announced by the CEO and Founder of the Synenose Accord, Julianus Soter. According to Soter, the analysts suspect that they have discovered evidence of Sleeper movement, "this event is anomalous, and the only likely hypothesis was a long-range, high-mass jump event out of their region of space to some unknown destination. Possibly something super-capital sized."

Due to the insufficient information from official sources, the Accord is dependent on the knowledge capsuleers bring back to New Eden with them. Each bit of information will hopefully allow the Accord to eventually build a more complete picture of what we are dealing with in W-space.

Synenose Accord Co-Founder, Aria Jenneth, delivered the concluding remarks of the conference. She cautions, "'What we know' may loom large in our minds. It forms the basis of conclusions - some of them no doubt founded. But, 'what we do not know' looms impossibly larger, and we must not forget how thin our knowledge remains."

Jenneth concludes, saying, "The Synenose Accord was created to resolve these mysteries, capsuleers of many backgrounds working together towards this single purpose. Because, whatever the Sleepers are, whatever they intend... we are in this together."

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[SYNE] Conclusion of First Seyllin Conference, July 18th

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