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Casualties Continue to Mount on Caldari Prime: D-Day Plus 60

2008-08-09 - 작성자 Svarthol

Caldari Prime – Two months into the occupation of Caldari Prime, the Gallente insurgency against the State occupation forces continues despite a series of brutal crackdowns by Provist troops in Gallente enclaves. In the most recent attack, according to reports by sources still on the ground, a Gallente resistance cell bombed a Provist local headquarters in Tovil, allegedly killing at least two dozen soldiers and wounding nearly a hundred more.

According to both sources with the Federation resistance and a variety of Caldari media outlets, bombings of this nature have been happening sporadically since the collapse of organized Gallente resistance in the first weeks of the occupation, though the extent of the casualties is a matter of some contention between them. Caldari sources are assuring the public that many of those responsible have been caught or killed in counterterrorist operations, while unconfirmed resistance reports on the planet claim that the Caldari response to the attacks has consisted of random arrests, often accompanied by brutal beatings, but has done little to blunt their overall effectiveness.

Provist units, tasked with securing most urban areas of the planet, have borne the brunt of the insurgent attacks. Regular marine forces, tasked with securing strategic industrial and military locations, have been able to restrict access much more effectively, but analysts say this is not the only reason they have escaped the worst of the attacks. Provist units have been behind the worst of the crackdowns on Gallente civilians and have demonstrated poorer discipline, making them a larger target for the insurgent forces.

Currently, the insurgency does not appear to be denting the resolve of the Caldari forces; morale appears to be remaining high, especially among Provist units, but the Caldari efforts to end the attacks do not appear to be making significant headway either. The result has been a stalemate that does not look to be changing anytime soon.