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Citizens throw their support behind the Federation

2008-12-03 - 작성자 Svarthol

Luminaire - In the days following Kador's aborted invasion of Solitude, Federation citizens have rallied behind their government and Navy, celebrating among other things a well-executed operation into Kador Region.

The Federation has seemed subdued in the recent past, following the embarrassment of the invasion of Caldari Prime, but all this appears to have changed with the devastating performance of their Navy in what is being referred to as "The Kador Issue."

"I feel like I can finally look my business contacts in the eye," remarked Hestiene Foulgent, a trader who runs a lucrative route from Everyshore to Metropolis, dealing in luxury goods. "It was becoming increasingly difficult to broker good deals with the tough Brutor market - they respect power and strength - and Gallentean trade goods were simply seen as undesirable, products of a weak and liberal society. The power of the Federation Navy has made these guys think again, and consequently the price of my goods has gone through the roof. Those boys love seeing our Navy cracking some Amarrian skulls, and if they can drink some of our fine wines whilst watching this, all the better!"

Also impressed was Kristienne Yrassel, ex-Federation Navy Interceptor pilot. She was full of praise for the reaction time of the task force sent to repel the invasion. "From my time in the Navy, I know how difficult it can be to organise such a massive fleet. The logistical issues are immense, and I was surprised that we could mount a counter attack at such short notice. It seems that the Navy has learned lessons from the invasion of Caldari Prime. Perhaps momentum might carry us forward to finish the job that still needs doing in Luminaire. I'm looking forward to seeing those Caldari dogs get what they deserve."

After years of manpower issues, the past few weeks have seen a notable increase in Federation Navy recruitment figures.