Community Beat for 2 February | EVE Online

Community Beat for 2 February


Hello spacefriends! Happy February and welcome to the Community Beat!

We'd like to shine the spotlight on various things that caught our eye coming from the community in the last couple of weeks.

Eve Online Market Watcher

We'd like to start by giving a shoutout to a player developed phone app called Eve Market Watcher, a companion app for navigating and monitoring the complex markets of Eve Online. The app allows you to tailor searches to specific regions, keep track of desired in-game items with a customizable watchlist, and receive real-time alerts when these items hit your targeted price!

The app received extra updates as outlined in this reddit post. Check it out!

Awesome YouTube Content

There was a host of YouTube content came out over the last couple of weeks!

The Citadel

We're going to start with a brand-new video from Martino Fabbro, aka FlightLeader, who took a 4 year hiatus from making videos. He was known for his dope BlackOps videos back in the day, which showcased how the best of the best did their hunting - which in turn inspired many would-be BlackOps pilots in the years to follow.

His newest video is linked below.

600B Ostingele Dreadbrawl

Next up, there was a 600 Billion Dreadbrawl in Ostingele that can be seen unfolding in the following video from Tristan. It's always fun to see a video with voice comms as a fight progresses from Battleships smashing each other, to Dreads being dropped to punch through Faxes, and then more Dreadnaughts pouring in to counter drop!

An AAR was posted shortly after over on reddit. Here's also a link to the BR.

Become an Instant Probe Expert

Moving on from fights, to more of an educational video, we have found a fun "How to use the Probe Scanner" tutorial. In this video Tabarnouche Interplanetary talks at you fast and teaches you how to probe in 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

Triglavian Bioadaptive Survival Suit

If you attended Fanfest back in September 2023, you may have seen this person walking around, suited up in a Triglavian Bioadaptive cosplay costume. The creator, Philippe1937, has posted a link to a printable version of the suit, should you want to make your own!


We're blown away by the excitement you are showing the EVE: War for New Eden board game campaign over on Kickstarter. With just under 2000 backers at the time of writing this, and the pledged goal absolutely smashed, we're super excited to see this project go ahead so you can have a board game adaptation of our dear MMO where the table is set for a grand game of cosmic chess!

Links and information to the campaign can be found over on Kickstarter.

We hope you've enjoyed this week's Community Beat. We're excited to see what you get up to in the following weeks!

See you next time!

o7 <3