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CONCORD Elaborates On The Rhatal Resignation

2007-11-08 - 작성자 Svarthol

A statement, released from CONCORD this morning, has shed some light on the resignation of Commander Gispali Rhatal by stating clearly that his resignation is in actual fact a medical retirement.

“The use of the word ‘resignation’ on the internal note appears to have been a clerical error.” reported the statement. “Unfortunately Commander Rhatal’s health has deteriorated in recent months and, on the advice of our staff doctors, his retirement was tendered on the 4th of this month. This has now been corrected by the regional HR department and Commander Rhatal will receive his service medical pension, along with our sincerest best wishes for his future.” The statement continued to address the issue of the blank service record. “Commander Rhatal’s service record is an unfortunate breakdown in record keeping at his former posting and has, apparently, not been updated for quite some time.”

The statement mentions further that this record is now in the process of being updated, and CONCORD pledges to release further details to the public once completed. Surprisingly, the CONCORD statement did not address the issue of this information having being leaked from within their ranks. Also it does not contain any further details of what regional HR department the leak originated from. It can only be speculated that either CONCORD do not know of the origin of the leak or that they are seeking to resolve this minor breach of security away from the public eye. In light of this minor administration hiccup, an invitation has been extended to former Commander Rhatal to make a comment on this situation. As of yet he has neither accepted nor declined this offer and remains silent.