Crimson Harvest Has Begun! | EVE Online

Crimson Harvest Has Begun!

2023-10-05 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Devilish capsuleers,

Crimson Harvest is here, so it’s time to head out there to cause mayhem in a nightmarish New Eden. Expect monstrous loot drops, horrific in-game events, and blood-curdling rewards from 5 October to 6 November.

Log in today to start reaping the daily login rewards, which include boosters, SKINs, EverMarks, Skill Points and more. Not only will there be rewards given every day to those logging in, the 25th login during Crimson Harvest will be rewarded with 250,000 skill points for Omega and 75,000 for Alpha capsuleers.


To get involved you just need to pick a side in the bloody conflict between the Blood Raider Covenant and the Order of Tetrimon. You will find combat and hacking sites scattered throughout Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, and wormhole systems with combat sites appearing as anomalies in the Probe Scanner. Head into your preferred area of space, use the Agency Anomaly Scanner to scan down sites, then warp in to take on a series of frightening challenges in the dungeons that await. In-game Community Fittings, supplied by EVE Partners and players, will be available during the event so you can put your best fit on. More challenging sites, promising even greater rewards, can be found by those who dare to dig deeper into the mysteries of the void.

Additionally, since it is the season of wanton murder, PvP kills will drop loot at a higher rate, around 90% instead of the regular 50%.

For more info on getting involved, a glimpse at some of the thrilling rewards, and all things Crimson Harvest, visit this page.


In addition to all the free goodies on offer during the Crimson Harvest event, you can also expect to see some frighteningly good deals in the New Eden Store and the EVE Store. To kick things off, the EVE Store is offering a 50% discount on Omega + MCT bundles for a limited time, and as the event continues, more devilish discounts will drop, so keep your eyeballs thoroughly peeled.

Also make sure to keep your eye on CCPTV for some terrifying Twitch drops, giving you the chance to snatch up some free goodies every week.