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CSM 16 - Meet Your Candidates!

2021-05-20 - 작성자 CCP Dopamine

Civic-minded Capsuleers,

In the last week, we have comprehensively reviewed all the CSM applications to ensure that they met the appropriate guidelines and eligibility requirements. It is with great excitement that we present to you your candidates for the upcoming Council of Stellar Management!

From Wormhole residents to War-Dec corporations, these candidates possess broad knowledge about EVE Online and mean to represent a myriad of different gameplay styles. This information is invaluable to us, and while we look forward to working with CSM 16 there is still much work to be done.

The CSM 16 Campaign Period begins now, 20 May, and runs for just over two weeks until 4 June. During this period, you will be able to learn more about your prospective candidates as they look to earn your vote in the upcoming elections. Each candidate has a forum thread on the EVE Online forums with a brief overview of their platform. Since the CSM elections utilize the STV system, it is possible to select a variety of candidates to vote for.

Learning about CSM candidates is paramount! While many will make themselves available in the EVE media sphere, the CSM campaign threads are a wonderful place to learn more about the prospective candidates, interact with them, and follow along with the campaign.

In a continuation from last year, we will also be hosting brief interviews with the candidates, taking place on 25 May - 28 May, live on CCPTV. We’ll announce the interview schedule on 24 May via Facebook and Twitter, so you’ll know exactly when to tune in to hear your favorite candidate. If you can’t attend live, no need to fear! The VoD will be saved giving you ample opportunity to listen to the interviews for any - or all - of the candidates during the voting period.

CSM 16 Candidates

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