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Detorid War Escalates. Major Capital Fight In HZFJ-M

2009-05-31 - 작성자 Svarthol

Detorid – Recent events have escalated to a full scale conflict and whilst preliminary reports from the HZFJ-M solar system are still fragmented, they depict a fight of epic proportions with several capital losses and more than 800 pilots involved.

A capital fleet of at least 350 ships from Against All Autorities [AAA], Ushra Khan, Aggression [AGGRO] and Atlas Alliance have clashed against a similar sized force sporting (among the others) members of Red Alliance, Pandemic Legion [PL], Legion of xXDEATHXx [XIX], scorched earth, Tau Ceti and Goonswarm.

Atlas and allies were trying to kill a starbase that was due out from reinforced mode. Blazin Hazin of Atlas Alliance recalls the moment the hell break loose: “[we] went on the [starbase] with our capital fleet. [PL] came in with their dreads at snipe range on us, [XIX] came in close range. As [PL] came in, we jumped in [AAA] capitals on them close range … we won capital fight, but all Atlas support and [AGGRO] died”.

As for the defending side, Critical Sniper of Red Alliance gave his view on the fight: “The fight started when we jumped in – via titan – on Atlas' Caps. I guess then [XIX] and [PL] came with dreads and we got counter hot drop by [AAA] … [They] had about 100 Capitals, maybe more, our side had 60 or maybe less".
Sniper went on adding_: "__We held the field in the end but cap fight was lost … they destroyed 2 towers … but [new ones] are already stationed in the place._”

Atlas considers the battle a win, as Blazing puts it: “[we] had 90 capitals on field, 70 made it out and some [warped to safe distance] … we lost perhaps 10 capitals or so, AAA lost 20 [and] I am looking at 55 hostile dread wrecks … [plus] we killed 2 towers”.

XIX and Allies, however, are sure the fight was not a definitive win for Atlas. El'rac of Scorched Earth explains: “This was a major push to support our allies in Detorid and stop Atlas push to take high end moons in the area … [The] Fight was a success, our allies held the field.

Detorid War is now escalating to the size of a inter-regional Conflict, but It is still too soon to guess whether this is going to be a long attrition war or rather a quick blitzkriege scenario.

Further updates will be published as soon as reports will became available.

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