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Dissident Holder Guilty of Heresy; Sarum Spares Him

2008-07-21 - 작성자 Svarthol

Amarr – Today it has been revealed that the outspoken holder, Kerrigan Orsha, who disparaged Jamyl Sarums’s imminent rise to power at a business conference in Sarum Prime was found guilty of heresy.

Kerrigan Orsha unleashed a sudden and shocking outburst directed at the gathering soon after the conference began in which he declared that Jamyl Sarum was ‘impure’ and ‘unworthy of the throne to the holy Empire under God’ before almost ranting about her cloned status. This threw the conference into complete chaos as Kerrigan Orsha was beset by angry holders and business leaders, among which his own son renounced him as his father.

Kerrigan Orsha was escorted from the disruption by the attending Sarum security forces on the Sarum Family station and placed under arrest. After an inquisition lasting several days Kerrigan Orsha has reported to have repented and throw himself on the mercy of the Inquisition. A sentence of death was quickly delivered and to be carried out later today.

However, soon after the execution sentence was announced Jamyl Sarum herself ordered that his sentence be commuted. Unconfirmed reports from within the Emperor Family station in Amarr state that Holder Kerrigan Orsha was brought before the soon to be Empress where she has offered him a withdrawal from public life to a convent and dedicate his life to study of the scriptures. This was conditional that he accepts some measure of punishment for his actions in the form of having his seditious speech etched onto every part of his skin with a precision micro-laser. Having agreed to this term and accepting Sarum’s offer, Kerrigan Orsha was escorted away again.

A further decree by Sarum granted clemency to the remaining members of the Orsha family, and stated firmly that no harm would come to them or be allowed to come to them in relation to Kerrigan Orsha’s actions.