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Empire set back - Ushra'Khan acquires Imperial Armageddon

2005-02-23 - 작성자 Svarthol

The Ushra’Kahn rejoiced this week in what they see as a key victory over the CVA and other Amarr loyalists; acquisition of one of the famed Imperial Issue Armageddons.

Icarus Starkiller, the Minmatar who received the ship won it in the popular BIG lottery. The fact that an Armageddon was the prize had been massively publicised and many Minmatar put in their money hoping to win it and have something to show against the Amarr Empire. Fortunately for them, one of them won.

The Minmatar pilots jeered Warhound, the previous owner of the Armageddon, for betraying the Amarr and letting it ultimately fall into the hands of the Ushra’Khan.

In a show of defiance, a large Ushra’Kahn defence force escorted the ship from Tividu, in Amarr space, to their home system of Pator. Apart from one slight navigational error the trip was uneventful. Much to the disappointment of some pilots who were hoping to rub the information into the faces of the Amarr before attacking them, their journey was a secret that’s been kept too well.

The ship is not planned to be used just as a trophy. Sources say that it will be employed to fight against the society which spawned it.

Amarrian officials, when asked for their opinion withheld comment, for the most part. One, however, who preferred to be anonymous, had the following to say:

“It's absolutely shameful. Mr. Starkiller, if that is indeed his name, has dishonored the Empire and all of the engineers, designers and shipyard workers who labored to bring this glorious vessel into being. This is an outrage!”

Whatever the opinion of the Amarr, however, e can be sure that this Imperial Issue Armageddon will become the topic of more debate in the near future.