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Empress Jamyl reprimands Heir Kador, confiscates fleet

2008-11-14 - 작성자 Svarthol

Amarr - Empress Jamyl I made a short address to the Empire today, chastising Imperial Heir Uriam Kador for his abortive military incursion into Gallente space and announcing the full integration of the remains of the Kador Family home fleet into the Imperial Navy.

Speaking via public address systems from the Emperor Family station in Amarr, the Empress said "I made a promise that I would respond in kind to actions affecting the wellbeing of our great and holy Empire, be they good or ill. The failure of Uriam's private military adventure has caused the Empire significant inconvenience at home and abroad. As such I will be imposing commensurate inconvenience upon him. All Kador-aligned military forces and assets will be turned over to the Ministry of War for reassignment, and Heir Uriam will in the future be expected and required to conduct himself in a manner which the Ministry of Internal Order deems acceptable."

The Empress also extended the Empire's condolences to the families of innocents killed and injured by Heir Kador's actions, her disregard of their race or allegiance an acknowledgement of the gravity of the political situation with the Gallente. Mention was made in passing of Emperor Heideran VII's proclamation prohibiting the Heir Families from maintaining standing military forces, which has not been enforced for many years.

While some outsiders have questioned Empress Jamyl's firmness in this matter, sources more familiar with Imperial politics have expressed a measure of shock at the perceived severity of the sanctions imposed. It is believed that this is the first time the Ministry of Internal Order has ever been given clearance to have any overt involvement with Heirs or their families. The rumored integration of the remaining Kador naval assets with the disgraced 7th Fleet, still currently based in the Aridia region, has caused many eyebrows to be raised in military circles.