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EVE Art books

2005-04-28 - 작성자 CCP Hellmar

As you may or may not know a lot of quality artwork and concept art has been created through out the production of EVE. See for example:

Wallpaper section
Concept Art Section
Posters in the Store

We have often wanted to share this work with you but have lacked a good medium to do it justice. Ballistic Publishing are the creators of art books of AWSOME quality. They have done game related art books, see their OddWorld book for example.

We have been in discussions with them to see if there is a possibility to make an EVE book, the material is definitely there but we are not sure about the demand. To make a book of this standard we would need to sell about 2.000 copies.

So my question is, would anyone reading this be interested in buying such a book, if so please comment so we can estimate if this is a viable project

Standard disclaimer: No the programmers would not make the book so bugs will be fixed regardless :)