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EVE Portraits Returns to New Eden

2014-11-20 - 작성자 CCP Phantom

by ISD Tedra Kerrigan

Certain sectors of New Eden were rocked last year by the sudden disappearance of Reality X, proprietor of EVE Portraits and the organizer of the EVE Portraits competition, which rewards innovative design choices when it comes to capsuleer headshots.

More than a year after his sudden disappearance Reality X has returned to New Eden, and is currently running Round 8 of the competition.

The Grand Prize for this round, which closes December 1st,  is a Megathron Quafe Edition and Men’s Quafe T-shirt valued at 2.7 billion ISK. Second place will take home a PLEX and a men’s Quafethron T-shirt. Third place earns a Quafe Catalyst and men’s Quafe T-shirt.


To celebrate the re-launching of the competition, Reality X has waived the entry fee for Round 8.

Prospective entrants are advised to send a blank evemail with the word ‘contest’ in the subject line to Reality X. For more details on Reality X's disappearance, visit the EVE Portraits site.