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Fight Over Tackled Titan Ends With Mothership Loss

2009-04-20 - 작성자 Svarthol

46DP-O, Tenerifis - The struggle over a tackled Legion of xXDEATHXx [X.I.X.] titan turned into a large capital ship battle which claimed approximately 275 ships, including an Atlas [ATLAS] mothership.

Atlas and X.I.X have a long and bitter history dating back to previous warfare in the Drone Regions, which Bobby Atlas of Di-Tron Heavy Industries (DTHI), Atlas Alliance says, "resulted in some of the largest [capital ship] battles New Eden has seen in terms of destroyed capitals along with a number of destroyed super capitals strewn across the conflict." The current clash seems to be over possession of the Tenerifis region.

The attempt by Legion of xXDEATHXx to deploy a Doomsday device against an Atlas roaming fleet in 46DP-O, turned into a protracted battle when the Erebus-class titan piloted by Vashi Dokumentu, of xDEATHx Squadron (XDSQX), X.I.X., was caught in a [warp disruption] bubble. When the word went out that Atlas had the titan bubbled, both sides deployed cynosural fields and used titan bridges to get more ships into the fight. Additional titans from both Atlas and Legion of xXDEATHXx arrived on the scene.

With the presence of more ships the "Erebus quickly found itself bleeding structure" according to Bobby Atlas, but "then another [Legion of xXDEATHXx] titan came in an effort to Doomsday our tacklers on the titan, it worked, the doomsday, plus hostile support, cleared an exit for the Erebus." UaxDeath, of xDEATHx Squadron, leader of the Tenerifis front for X.I.X, confirms that there was in fact a titan bubbled by Atlas. He adds that "Atlas deployed twice as many forces" as X.I.X. had on the field and that "at the beginning we didn't know if we would make it or not."

Asked what he was thinking as his titan dipped further and further into structure Vashi stated: "I didn't really take notice, I was calling targets and I was busy". Vashi did not seem concerned over the possible loss of his ship: "I have plenty of titans".

With the escape of the imperiled Titan the focus of the battle turned to an Atlas Nyx-class Mothership, which was ultimately pulled down and destroyed. The battle raged back and forth with yet another Mothership, this time X.I.X. being tackled, only to get away at the last second. The arrival of Atlas reinforcements in the form of Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.] and RED.Overlord [R.O.L.] alliances caused X.I.X to make a tactical withdrawal, leaving the wrecks to be looted by Atlas and its allies.

The final results with regards to capital ship losses were "28 Legion of xXDEATHXx dreadnoughts destroyed and 5 carriers, to 21 of our own dreadnoughts, 3 carriers and 1 Mothership destroyed", according to Bobby Atlas. Total losses were approximately 177 Atlas to 98 Legion of xXDEATHXx ships destroyed.

Both sides claim victory with Atlas contending that it held the field and got to loot the wrecks of both sides, while X.I.X noting that they destroyed a Mothership and did an equal amount of damage with half the amount of ships.

When asked if the battle had any overall impact on the strategic direction of the Tenerifis campaign Bobby Atlas had this to say "not really, no, both Atlas and Legion are known for having substantial capital fleets" adding further that "Atlas is almost 2 years old and this was our first super capital loss, it has not phased us."

When asked the same question UAxDeath responded that "Yes, it had", saying further that his "spy in Atlas" had reported that [X.I.X] were going to be hit with the same [Atlas] capital ships that were used in this battle and that making them deploy early had been a tactical victory in and of itself. This "tactical victory" gives the opportunity for another alliance (that UaxDeath would not name) time to enter the conflict.

Finally Bobby Atlas had this to say concerning the ongoing conflict "if there is one thing that is sure between Atlas and Legion, it's that there will be more capital battles to come" adding that "we have a very explosive history".

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