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GoonSwarm Downs Triumvirate. Titan in 319-3D

2009-08-26 - 작성자 Svarthol

319-3D, Delve - Triumvirate. Alliance [TRI] lost a titan last week as it fell victim to some bad luck and a waiting GoonSwarm [OHGOD] trap. The Avatar-class Titan, piloted by Sokra, a member of the DOOM. Corporation and [TRI], was tackled, and destroyed during an attempt to save a [TRI] tower.

According to Sokra, "[the] target was to defend our staging [tower] at [planet] 9-[moon]22, with double [doomsday]." The intent of the two titans was to deprive [OHGOD] dreadnoughts of their support fleet, "but goons bridged in only light support and bubblers." The double doomsday firing only removed a handful of support ships from the field. With the titans out of offensive action, Goonswarm quickly entered the system with the intent to deploy bubbles. Sokra's titan was bumped by the second titan, which knocked Sokra out of his intended warp-out alignment. The delay in realignment was enough for [OHGOD] to successfully tackle Sokra. A valiant effort by the [TRI] support fleet was made to clear the [OHGOD] ships that had pinned down their titan. In what was intended to be a surprise attack on the [OHGOD] support fleet, turned for the worst as the titan went down.

A member of the attacking fleet, VENOM2k99 of Legion Du Lys comments about the operation, "we had a strategy to 'bait' the titan... we did expect at least two because they wanted to kill our support BS fleet, which most of them will tank minimum 1 DD (fleet bs fit)."

The newly commissioned Avatar was only a few days old, a very recent addition to the [TRI] fleet. While the loss is substantial, Sokra puts it into perspective, "We will keep going and [TRI] is far from being low on [morale] about the loss"

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