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Honored Composer to Commemorate Empress

2010-06-29 - 작성자 Svarthol

Amarr Prime - Renowned composer Khitian Maritak, whose numerous canticles earned her the coveted Theology Council title "The Holy Inspired" and whose recent historical opera, "The Trials of Jiustan and Daro," won acclaim across the cluster, has announced the her latest creation, a choral titled "Sarum Symphony."

Jamyl Sarum's mysterious and explosive return to power two years ago signalled the beginning of a new era for the Amarr Empire. This symphonic piece is to be performed in the Grand Nave of the Basilica of Saint Nhyron on Mekhios by the imperial choir Voices of the Sefrim, and will be directed by Maritak herself. The composer created the choral over the course of seven exhaustive months to commemorate the event. The Khanid-born Maritak has declared the piece to be her "magnum opus."

Criticism has been levelled for the composer's choice of venue: Saint Nhyron was a notoriously outspoken opponent of the Sarum family during the last Ardishapur reign, though no ill will has existed between the houses in recent centuries. Maritak insists that her selection of the building is purely artistic, that the "Sarum Symphony" was written specifically for performance in the basilica in order to utilize the chuch's striking acoustic properties, and that the contentious history has no bearing on the choice.

The symphony's debut performance will be held on Lightbringer's Eve, a planetary holiday celebrating the first day of springtime. Invitation to the event is limited to members of the Theology Council, the Privy Council, heirs, and the Empress herself. A live broadcast will be held across the Empire by the ACN for the benefit of all Amarr citizens. Security for the event is expected to be tight in light of the recent attack by the Bloody Hands of Matar and the ongoing Sansha threat.