Improvements and Bug Fixes | EVE Online

Improvements and Bug Fixes

2013-03-21 - 작성자 CCP CAPSLOCK

Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Type search engine added to market to make it quicker to go directly to the type you are looking for.
  • Market path also added to market user interface to quickly go back to group or category from type
  • Tab order fixed in various places
  • Now autopilot stops at waypoints when asked to.
  • You can now set name on containers at station
  • multidrag drop now checks if the container is full
  • Dragging too much to a container now gives you the option of a partial-move-popup
  • Bookmarks in mini-browser should now work
  • Type with picture has been added to refine/recycle quote window to reduce accidental refines of precious items
  • Asset window no longer breaks after a jump/dock
  • Corp member hangars work again
  • You can now see you total number of skills at the top of the character sheet
  • CTD involving 2 players using energy neutralizers or sensor dampers on each other has been fixed
  • Cargo containers are excluded from courier missions
  • Column mismatch in market fixed
  • The camera no longer gets stuck after mouse hover in listentry
  • Pressing ALT now triggers "Show All" in bracket service
  • Set Destination is now possible for non solarsystems bookmarks
  • Settings are now saved when you quit the game
  • Windows should no longer disappear after having been in a group
  • Mapbrowser now correctly shows what you select, not only the current system
  • The asset window no longer switches to the station view when docking
  • You can now drag a loot to a container and if there isn't enough space the move stops at the point of it filling up and you don't have to cancel each item that fails due to it being full
  • Cargo container model now correctly shows anchoring state with different coloring of blinking lights
  • Containers in space now have a volume gauge
  • A new "Look at" feature which allows for the camera to focus on a new object, is now available on most objects/entities in space.