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Invasion Tournament Online Qualifiers

2019-12-04 - 작성자 CCP Ragnarok

Hello, Pilots,

The sign up for the Invasion Tournament Series Online Qualifiers closed yesterday at 23:59 UTC and you can find the list of 32 teams that will compete for the last spot in the Invasion Global Finals at Fanfest 2020 at the bottom of this article.

The bracket and details on the ships and fittings that we will use up until the Grand Finals are now available for everyone:

We will be reaching out to all participating pilots tomorrow with information about the Discord server and expected match start times for the weekend.

Da HiveRajeczmaka RTH
Gallente-macyNomistravAzazel Drakonis
WhateverFiedanAman A'mir
THUKKER TRUKKERSDeep BleuPol Macsliebh
Lone GnomesCharlotte ColletteDahhhnlaaddd Shoop
Did he say meowAlexandr DernLorianna Lee
Phoenix RisingAshley ParisiSerena Fonulique
Stay FrostyRixx JavixWatson Crick
Team 7Jose ZampanoBap1811
What the Horse?Daxx PhilaMendell Shouna
#EXILECREWSKILeon BaxsterZehNarume
dead inside kidsFrenzy ChaosYoshitoshi
EVE after schoolVLD MirommeKidein Orlenard
Blue RepublicInsidious SainthoodMetal Jack
I aim to be shotaerikonHephaestus Orestes
QUIET BoysMurray RothbardoTen Ahrest
Amarrian MemeDamassys KadeshArsia Elkin
CALSF AMERICASolidus ObscuraTheLastSparton
RightClkApproachHuntingFighter OramaraThaiax Isu
L'Afrance 2019aria yatolilaIllyria Mimikry
Team AKIMAJuuR ZibaooHema T'oolan
Team PigletsMira ChieveCraftyCroc
Josh Anotehr DuoTehEbil1Joshua Mistweaver
DopaminePhinix ErebusFaith Evingod
spittin kittensViksooRobin Hood7
Say GeronimoT'ernDurandal Thoth
MBLOC ReloadedCorvus OnzoCommander Gauntlett
Pewpew ChickensMarie BeldrulfIcarus100
FurryFury RCAmbrose OhmirasJamico Toralen
LootscriptCable UtaTikktokk Tokkzikk
Dead TerroristsLarf1986Antar Lechs

We are thrilled to host the last Invasion tournament of the year online and cannot wait to see the fierce competition between new and more established teams.

If you would like to discuss anything about this online qualifier, please head over to the dedicated thread on EVE Online forums.