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Invention Evolved

2007-10-10 - 작성자 CCP Chronotis

We never stop evolving and improving systems, and here I want to talk about some changes happening in the major expansion due in November as announced by Oveur here which will affect the growing number of intrepid inventors out there.

Solving Multiple Outcomes

With invention, there can be more than one possible outcome, this leading to a random chance of a Tech II variant being produced. An example of this is trying to invent with a Rifter blueprint copy, your possible Tech II variations are the Wolf and Jaguar. Currently, if you attempt an invention job, the possible output (shown in the Jobs tab of the Science & Industry interface) is randomly picked.

In the November expansion, we are adding a new option into the invention job installation screen. The ‘Output Type’ box which lists the available output options, if there is more than one you can change your focus to the preferred output. There are no additional requirements to be allowed to do this as this is a byproduct of multiple Tech II variants of the same Tech I item on a small number of ships, modules and charges, and not something you should be penalized for.

These changes should be going out to Singularity for testing over the next week and any feedback would be appreciated.

Decryptors and other invention items moving from static COSMOS to exploration

The use of static COSMOS complexes to supply decryptors and encryption methods skills has lead to massive farming of the static COSMOS complexes and less focus on finding the radar exploration sites. The amount of income from farming the COSMOS complexes was never meant to be as high as it is and as such we will be making changes to remove the containers that drop the invention materials in some complexes. COSMOS will be returned to the agent and exploration based area of unique beauty it was intended to be.

In Closing

Resolving multiple outcomes is a big step forward for those special cases where there is more than one outcome and a big improvement the many inventors out there should enjoy. In a future blog, I will talk about some wider changes that we are thinking about internally with invention and the improvements we want to make as we increasingly focus towards the nearing age of Tech III.

Ave - Chronotis