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Mandate Recovery from Elder Invasion Continues as Shipyards are Rebuilt

2009-09-14 - 작성자 Svarthol

Sasta, Derelik – In an announcement that further signals Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur's determination that the Ammatar Mandate be a major contributor to the strategic goals of the Amarr Empire, the Ammatar Fleet has declared five major shipyards in and around the Sasta system as once more fully operational, ready to supply and refit the ships of the combined Ammatar and Ardishapur fleet forces.

In remarks transmitted from Fleet HQ in Sasta, Grand Admiral Hastar Jibril of the Ammatar Fleet expressed his "deep satisfaction that the reconstruction of these essential shipyards has been carried out on time thanks to the unstinting work of the Ammatar people." Since his appointment, Grand Admiral Jibril has been overseeing the integration of the Ammatar Fleet and those units of the Ardishapur forces assigned to his command. The reconstruction of these shipyards, all heavily damaged by Minmatar-Thukker strike forces during the Elder Invasion, was a major priority for the Grand Admiral as they will allow the necessary refitting and retasking of the Fleet's disparate units to proceed quickly.

In a related development, the Ammatar Fleet has announced that it intends to refit a line of 'Yonis variant' Abaddons for use on extended patrols of the Minmatar border. Usually reserved for important garrisons or major taskforces, the Abaddon-class has not been favoured by Amarr commanders as a patrol vessel due to its high energy requirements and large crew complement. It is speculated by naval architecture experts that the 'Yonis variant' will feature additional power plants and possibly reduced crew and firepower requirements to make it practical for prestige patrol duties.